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The Friends of Caldy Nature Park




 The Caldy Nature Park is owned and maintained by Cheshire West and Chester Council.

If you have any enquiries, or issues that need to be reported about Caldy Nature Park, or any Cheshire West and Chester greenspace site, send them to the

                        'Contact Centre'.

e mail

                       Tel: 0300 123 7026

Once logged, the contact centre will allocate the enquiry to the relevant person who will then deal with issue.


Friends of Caldy Nature Park

The Friends of Caldy Nature Park was formed in 1991 when  Chester City Council took over responsibility for the area.

We play an active part in the development and maintenance of the Park, and provide a link between Cheshire West and Chester Council,
who own and operate the Nature Park, Great Boughton and Huntington Parish Councils, and the Local Community.

We have been involved in the consultations when large scale alterations to the Nature Park have been proposed. 

The Park is very well used by local people and there is an established pattern of events.

The 'Friends' try to keep a balance between the needs of local people and the wildlife in the park. There are paths throughout the park, and seats at regular intervals.

The park has a very natural feel about it and there is much flora and fauna to be seen. The water attracts the kingfisher and the water rail as well as mallard and moorhen.
Nearly 100 different species of birds and 286 types of wildflower have been recorded, as well as 20 species of butterfly.

1991 Working with Chester City Council, the primary aim of creating a large area of wetland began.

1993 The pond and leats were excavated, taking water from the brook into the pond.

2009 the pond and leats were re-excavated and a new wetland area created.
The bridges have been replaced and some paths rebuilt.
The car park has a new sculpture and the wildflower area fenced off.

2010 A new play area was created for the children.

2013 has seen the creation of new orchards as part of the Queens Diamond Jubillee Celebrations,
and repairs to some of the worst areas of damaged footpaths.

2014 A new picnic table has been installed at the request of local residents. It has disabled access, and is for use by all the community
Footpaths have been repaired and a new tarmac path installed. Surface repairs have been completed to  some more of the worst footpaths.
2015 The Duck Race and Countryside day were very well supported this year. 
We have retained our Green Flag status for another year thanks to all the hard work by our Ranger and Working Parties.

2016 The Duck Race was very well supported, and the weather was kind to us. 
Improvements have been made to some of the paths, and new signage installed.
We have retained the Green Flag status for 2016/2017

  The Duck Race and Treasure Hunt were a great success.

            Find us on Facebook as

        'Friends of Caldy Nature Park'

See our future events further down the page.


To work at all times with officials appointed by Cheshire West and Chester Council to improve the recreational and
natural assets of the area adopted by the Cheshire West and Chester Council as Caldy Nature Park.

To consult with Great Boughton and Huntington Parish Councils and the General Public about plans to
develop and manage the park.

To keep local people informed about developments in the Caldy Nature Park and to encourage them to become involved.

To seek funding from all appropriate sources to enable the group to pursue the above aims.

The Friends of Caldy Nature Park are committed to improving the Nature Park for all the Community.

If you would like to support our efforts, then come and join us.
Only £5 per household per year.



The annual subscription to The Friends of Caldy Nature Park is £5 per household per year, 

 Subscriptions are renewed in September each year, but you may join at any time.

Please help by sending your Subscription direct to us.

You may join at any of our events, or send your subscription to:-

Jacky Creswick,
3 Butterbur Close,
CH3 6BJ.

Please include your name, address, e mail address and telephone number!!


Regular newsletters are included in the subscription, with advance notification of
events and interesting acticles.

If you prefer to receive the newsletter by e mail, please let us know.

Working Party

The Working Party meets on the

First Wednesday of each month
0930 at the Car Park

new members are always welcome

Come and join us for some fresh air and exercise. meet in the car park at 9-30am.

Dog Fouling

Huntington Parish Council are supporting the new "Good Dog Ownership Campaign" launched by Cheshire West and Chester Council. The majority of dog owners clean up after their pets, but there are a minority who don't. Dog dirt has been particularly bad in the Nature Park over the last few months, note the pink spray on it! Street Scene operatives come out and clean it up.
You can report incidents of dog fouling to

Keep Britain Tidy (they awarded us the Green Flag status) are also running a campaign "We are watching you - 9 out of 10 dog owners clean up after their dog"


Events 2016

Duck Race and Treasure Hunt 5th April




Thanks to everyone who made the event a great success.

    Countryside Day and
'The Friends' 25th Birthday

  Friday 2nd September 2016

The event was a huge success. Children made fantastic crowns, and the musical entertainment made a very pleasant afternoon.

Thanks to all the organisers and the members who supported the event.


Pictures by Roy Casey

Our footpaths have been improved.

Great News

We have been awarded the Green Flag 2016/17 at Caldy Nature Park!

The new certificate for 2016/2017 is displayed on the notice boards, and the new flag is flying.

Well done and thank you to you all for the ongoing contribution that you make to keep Caldy Valley such a welcoming site.

With special thanks to Amanda for all the hard work she put in to help us gain this award.

The Judges feedback was very positive.


Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its bags of help initiative in hundrerds of regions in England and Wales.

The scheme will see three community groups and projects in each of these regions awarded grants of £12000, £10000 and £8000, all raised from the 5p bag charge.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco 416 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single use carrier bags.

The public will now vote on who should receive the £12000, £10000, and £8000 awards. In total there is £12.5 million up for grabs.

Our £8K project is to replace the benches and reinstate the wildflower meadow

Our £10K project is to provide an additional picnic bench and improve drainage in the Childrens Play Area.

Our £12K project is to include rebuilding the Otter Holt , build an eel pass and dredge silt from the pools.

Tesco have awarded us a grant of £8000 from the Bags of Help Scheme!

Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

            Events 2017

Advanced Wildflower Walks
1st Thursday of the month
Starting Thursday 4th May
Thursday 1st June
Thursday 6th July
Thursday 3rd August
7pm to 9pm (approx).  Meet in the car park.

Over the last 25 years we have recorded 285 different wild flower species. Come and join us with our experts and help discover more!

Beginners Wildflower Walks
3rd Thursday of the month
Starting Thursday 18th May
Thursday 15th June
Thursday 20th july
Thursday 17th August

6pm to 8pm (approx).

Nature walks looking at wild flowers, listening to the birds, spotting butterflies and more! These gentle strolls around Caldy Nature Park are specifically for beginners and children.
Meet at the Car Park.

Walk in the Dark

Thursday 31st August 8pm
Meet at the Car Park

We will walk through the Nature Park with our Bat Detectors (bring yours if you have one) identifying the bats that live here and feed over the pond.

If we are lucky we might also see some night flying moths and other nocturnal creatures that become active when most of us are tucked up in our beds!

Bring a torch with you and dress for the weather conditions on the night.

Countryside Day

Sunday 24th September 2pm to 4pm.
On Long Meadow (off Celandine Close - No Parking available here)

We have decided on an apple themed event this year hence the later date. We hope you will have lots of ripe apples to bring along. If not, there are usually plenty around the Nature Park.

We will have an apple crusher and apple press so you can watch as your own apples are turned into tasty apple juice! You will also be able to have fun apple-bobbing. We will have apple cakes for sale and an apple recipe booklet. If you have any unusual apple based recipies that you think should be included please forward them to Jacky Creswick ( and the best ideas wil be inlcluded in the booklet and earn a prize!

We will have our usual art and craft stalls, the much loved bubble making and boules, as well as a SCARECROW competition. The best home-made scarecrow will win a prize, so get your thinking caps on over the school holidays and create your own scarecrow and give him or her a suitable name.

Working Parties

on the first Wednesday of each month, 0930 at the Car Park.

Your Nature Park Needs You !!

Come and join our group of volunteers helping to look after your park.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month in the car park at 9.30am finishing by 12.30pm.

No experience necessary, but do wear suitable clothing and footwear as the ground can be wet / muddy.

Comments from recent volunteer recruit Pal Towner,

No previous experience needed. As someone who walks dogs (we own two retrievers) in the Nature Park  I was keen to see if I could help in the upkeep of this lovely place. But I was slightly anxious, not knowing quite what to expect. So I took my own fork, spade and saw, but they weren't needed - plenty were provided -. I took my own thermos of coffee, but that wasn't needed either - that was provided too (and ginger nuts!). I took a wooly hat and an anorak - and neither of those were needed as it was a beautiful warm (for February) morning.

I need not have been anxious, as I was soon embraced by the squad
of volunteers. Seven of us gathered at the car park, and after a short briefing from our Park Ranger we set off, with John leading the way with a wheel barrow full of tools for the job- spades, rakes, brushes etc. Two took on the clearing of recent self-seeded growth which was blocking the view of the pond, whilst the rest of us set to, shovelling and sweeping the edges of a couple of hundred metres of the main paths, near the picnic table at the Butterbur Close entrance to the Nature Park.

Now I was volunteering myself, I tried during the morning to enlist others who walked past, offering my spade to anyone who would take it - and inviting them, when they declined, to return on the 1st of March - we'll see if any come!

I enjoyed myself, and hope to be back next month myself. My thanks to all who made me welcome - John, Judy, Shirley, Marjorie, Roy and Julie - and to all the others who play their part in making the Nature Park the enjoyable resource it is for us all

Paul Towner
(recently moved to Huntington)

February 2017

Following the successful bid for the grant from Tesco we are now investigating prices and products for the replacement of the benches, and improving the wildflower meadow.

Annual General Meeting
7th March 2017 

The Chairman reported that the Friends have purchased new wooden signs for the park and a grant has been obtained from Tesco to replace the benches and reinvigorate the wildflower meadow. The park has retained its green flag status and the council is producing pamphlets for a Health Walk around the park.

Countryside Day 2016 celebrated the 25th Aniversary of the formation of the Friends Group and an Anniversary Tree will be planted in the park. Tribute was paid to founding members Pam Atkinson and Mike O'Kell, and to longstaning members John White, Jonathon Barritt and Malcolm Lee.

Countryside Day 2017 will be an "Apple Day" and will feature apple pressing. Local Councillors Pam Hall and Keith Board have financed resurfacing of the footpaths and additional funds from Pam Hall will be used to purchase bird boxes, bat boxes and materials for an eel pass.

Special thanks were made to our Ranger, Amanda, for her energy and enthusiasm over the past year. The future is very uncertain due to restructuring at CWAC which will result in fewer Rangers!

The Treasurers report, Membership Secretaries report and election of Officers for 2017 was completed.

The Guest Speaker was Hannah Chisholm from Chester Zoo who gave a very interesting and well received presentation on the 'Wildlife Connections Project.'

25th Aniversary Tree Planting

17th March 2017

The tree was planted in recognition of the Friends of Caldy Nature Park 25th Aniversary.

Thank you to all the people who turned up to help. It was a great team effort.

The Group was formed on the 8th October 1991

One of the first priorities was to provide a few seats along the paths. We are currently arranging for replacement seats to be provided.

If you would like to support us in our efforts, please join us.
The Subscription is only £5 per household per year!

17 March 2017

17 March 2017

17 March 2017

Photos 5th April 2017

5th April 2017

5th April 2017

5th April 2017

5th April 2017

5th April 2017

5th April 2017

5th April 2017



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